The Old Sleeping Bag…


The little old man found his old sleeping bag over the weekend. (If you would like to know the back story on the little old man, please read my previous post entitled, “The Little Old Man”.) I came into his room to give him his breakfast and found him zipped into this very worn sleeping bag, which he had laid on top off his bed. I must have looked puzzled because a very sleepy, little old man said, “Look, I found my old sleeping bag.” “I see,” I replied, “was there something wrong with your bed?” To which he responded, “Well, I used this sleeping bag for thirty six years.” So, I said “okay” and gave him his breakfast and left the room.

But, it really wasn’t okay with me if I am honest. In fact, I found it strange and a bit annoying, especially because I wasn’t sure how many years it had been since the old sleeping bag had been cleaned. Yet, each time I went back into his room, the little old man was tucked tightly into his old friend, the sleeping bag. I even overheard the little old man ask the angel dog if he liked the old sleeping bag. Hmmm…why was this getting on my nerves?

I brought the sleeping bag issue to my husband’s attention and shared that I found it odd and was afraid that it might be a stinky, old sleeping bag. My husband thought that it was indeed odd. But, this was not the first odd encounter that we had experienced with the little old man. He encouraged me to let this one go and let the little old man enjoy his new found treasure. Hmmm…boy do I hate it when my husband plays the part of the Holy Spirit.

I spent Sunday afternoon, cleaning the little old man’s room. I washed all of his linens and I cleaned the old sleeping bag. I made his bed back up and then laid the old sleeping bag on top. I know exactly what you are thinking, why is this such a big deal? But, if we are honest, how many times does someone show up with an “old sleeping bag” and disrupt our normal routine? How often do we allow our need for control to create huge mountains out of life’s tiny mole hills? Better yet, how often do we push our old sleeping bag, routines or habits onto God and expect Him to fit in? And how often do we try and control our own lives, when the easier thing would be to let go and let God take control?

You see, sometimes, we need to bring out the old sleeping bag and lay it down before our Father; let Him freshen it up, clean it off and spruce it up. He is the master of making old things new. In fact, it is one of His specialties!

Hmmm….the old sleeping bag…..who knew?

Be Joyful!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

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