Miracles Still Happen…

I witnessed a miracle this past weekend. My daughter’s friend was in a car accident. She actually flipped her car five times, over a barbed wire fence and landed halfway out her front window. For all intensive purposes, she should be in heaven with Jesus. No, not the case here. God has things left for her to do. Her part of His story is simply not finished. So, she walked, painfully, away from the accident with five fractured vertebrae and several contusions to her lungs. She will heal in a back brace. Her injuries did not require surgery. And she found herself at home the day after her accident to start the healing process. It was nothing short of a miracle. God’s grace and mercy on display for us to witness.

And what a better time to witness God perform a miracle than the week leading up to Easter, this Holy Week. The same God who turned water into wine; made the blind man see; and raised Lazarus from the dead just moved in this young girl’s life. His power, His glory, His mercy, His grace on full display.

The same God whose Son, Jesus, faced the brutality of the Cross and who gave up His final breath for each of us. Jesus, who three days later, left the tomb empty, completely victorious and alive, so that each one of us can have eternal life with our Father in heaven. Yes, this same God stood in the gap of this accident and spared this young girl’s life.

What is there left to say? Thank you Father. You are truly an awesome God. You are good. You are powerful. You are merciful. To You be all the Praise and all the Glory. Forever. Amen.

Be joyful and in awe!

“For even the Son of man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28 NLT

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