Birds on a Feeder…

My Sunday school gals are crackng up right now. Yes girls, I am writing about the birds on the feeder. Ha! (Please excuse a little inside joke here.)

Picture from Lowe’s website.

We have quite a bit of bird activity in our back yard. The birds are magnificent around the feeder: bright red and orange beaked cardinals, blue jays, yellow and tan finches, ring neck and mexican doves and black grackles to name a few. They each take a turn and have their own unique way of feeding. Some wait their turn on the fence, swooping in and out grabbing seed at the feeder quickly and decidedly. Others land on the feeder and pick out the seeds that they like, tossing the unwanted seeds on the ground. While others eat the scattered seed on the ground under the feeder. And often, along comes a squirrel to dangle over the feeder in a variety of positions, even though we put corn out specifically for them.

It is fascinating and often comical to watch the activity and ritual of each bird at the feeder. I wonder if God feels the same watching over His little flock. Some of us swoop into life, not over thinking it and get things done; quickly moving in and out of our roles. Others wait patiently to see how things are done and then follow the lead and take their turn. Some of us are very picky and quickly sort what we like from what we don’t like, with unwavering discernment. And some of us like to wait and be served, happy when things are sorted out and decided for us. And some of us provide the much needed theatrics and comical relief of dangling it all out there, without a care in the world about protocol or procedure. Even when there might be an easier way to get things done.

There is beauty in each way, each gift, each approach to life. God orchestrated it perfectly. Each personality and gift needed, valued and cherished by God, our Father. He loves to watch us figure it out and I think He gets a good chuckle sometimes too.

Embrace your unique approach to life this week. Fly high. Soar. Dive. Embrace your bright feathers! You were designed to radiate His Glory and He loves you…most!

Be joyful!

“Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!” Luke 12:24 NIV

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