Snuggle Up Buttercup…

The angel dog has developed a new habit. Any time he jumps on our bed, he noses his way into and behind our pillows. Often when he gets fixed just right, he will nap there even if I leave the room. I took this picture today when I came back into our bedroom. He looks so sweet. Yes, I do believe he is the cutest dog in the whole world!

I think that I need to get into the habit of being still in the comfort of my Father’s lap. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to get nestled in just right and just relax in the comfort of His presence? Not feel like I have to jump up and jump to that next thing on my endless “to do” list?

One of my sweet Sunday School girls reminded me of this very thing last night. She has been feeling disconnected from God and has found herself wondering, “why”? I think we all experience times in our lives where we feel much the same. Then, she shared with me that she received a text, out of the blue, from a friend. This text came a little after midnight after an evening of truly crying out to Him. The text talked about the story of Mary and Martha and reminded her (and me) that the busyness of life can keep us from finding rest and learning from Jesus just by getting still with Him, nestling in and chilling out. Busyness can distract us from His presence as we scurry to be enough, do enough, give enough, help enough. Our need to “do” can often leave us feeling disconnected and frustrated. She clearly knew that this text and it’s perfect timing was God speaking to her.

And just in true God fashion, I found myself at a funeral this afternoon where the Pastor reminded us how important it is to slow down and notice each other. You see, this sweet lady we were celebrating lived 87 years loving on her family and friends, often dropping everything to sit and listen. She lived in the present.

So yes, I think I will establish a new habit, just like the angel dog. I will nose up onto my Savior’s lap and relax for a while. This snuggle time will give me exactly what I need. From being in His presence, I will be able to stay in the present.

Be joyful!

Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.
Ephesians 3:12 NLT

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